Bible Classes

Bible Classes

John 9:35-10:21

Series: John

We continue this morning in our Bible class in the "Gospel of John".  Jesus had just demonstrated further His deity by making a blind man see, but this did not go over well with the religious rulers.  The man who had been given his physical sight, was now able to receive his spiritual sight as Jesus reveals Himself to this man.  As Jesus conversed with this man, the religious rulers ironically did not realize that even though they had the ability to see physically--spiritually they were blind.  Furthermore, the Lord in chapter 10, taught those around by the way of an allegory, who were the true sheep and that He was the true Good Shepherd.  Jesus presented the truth to these false teachers, but they were not willing to listen, see, and therefore understand that the Messiah was in their midst.  Do we see or are we blind?

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