Christians and the Human Trafficking Crisis

Human trafficking is quickly on the rise and is a problem around the world, including our own personal communities. Many label it merely a social issue, but the stark reality of the matter is that all facets of this horrific enterprise are spiritually rooted in sin. The Bible even specifically deals with human trafficking as well as many of its principle components. It is imperative that Christians recognize we have a host of responsibilities toward the prevention of this crime including real practical assistance like prayer and victim advocacy.

*The last two pages of the notes include a listing of resources, organizations, laws, and areas of national improvement from the most recent review of the state of human trafficking in the United States. These last two pages are the private suggestions of our evangelist, Eric Parker. They are given with the caveat that they are for further research purposes and personal investigation only. This congregation is non-institutional; as such, it should be clear that it does not, as a collectivity, financially support human institutions as it is not within the specified realm of the work of the church collectively (see 1 Timothy 5:16 for this distinction between the responsibilities of the individual Christian and the collective church).

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