Free Courses Now

Free Courses Now

Welcome to our Correspondence Course page! We digitalized these courses to make them available on our website. If you would still prefer a paper copy to fill out and mail in, please let us know and contact us!

At the beginning of each of these courses is a form for contact information in order for us to follow up with you. Not all is required but we do ask for your name and some basic contact information so that we can follow up with you. Once you complete the info page, scroll to the bottom and click "Next" to begin each series on lesson 1. 

Here is a description of each of our free online courses:

1) Let's Study The Bible Series

This is a beginner's course to the Bible and is four lessons long. It is a straightforward series of questions very simplified to help you learn the nuts and bolts of the Bible in an easy to understand way. We decided to put this course on here for those who have struggled with the message of the Bible and just want some simple "yes" or "no" questions to get them/you started. It includes:

          Lesson 1 - Authority

          Lesson 2 - The Church in lesson 2,

          Lesson 3 - Worship

          Lesson 4 -  Scheme of Redemption

2) Christ Is The Way Series

This is a more intermediate course to the Bible and is seven lessons long. It includes articles for the main part of the lessons with questions afterward. These questions are primarily "fill in the blank" with most being able to be answered directly from the reading itself. A few of the questions require extra reading in the Bible. This series includes the following seven lessons:

          Lesson 1 - Problems? Confused? Lost? Jesus Christ Is The Way

          Lesson 2 - Jesus, The Way

          Lesson 3 - Jesus, The Way To A Better Life

          Lesson 4 - Jesus, The Way To Forgiveness

          Lesson 5 - Jesus, The Way To God

          Lesson 6 - Jesus, The Way Out Of Religious Confusion

          Lesson 7 - Jesus, The Way To Heaven

3) Learn The Truth Series

This series is, like "Let's Study The Bible", in four parts. It's somewhere between the other two series in difficulty. The readings for each lesson are conducive to those with a shallow or deep knowledge of the Bible. The questions at the end are of a variety of different types including fill in the blank, true/false, multiple choice, and open answer. This series includes the following four lessons:

          Lesson 1 - Overview And Theme Of The Bible

          Lesson 2 - The Testaments

          Lesson 3 - God's Plan For Man's Salvation

          Lesson 4 - Simply Christians

Regardless of which series you take, just click "Submit" at the end of the course and we will be notified of your completion! We hope and pray that this will lead to your further study of God's Word. If you find anything complicated, hard to answer, or challenging to your thoughts and beliefs, please reach out to us, we'd love to talk with you! God bless!